2010 Ferrari California

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Before the 458 Italia Spider was released, Ferrari California is the company’s only line of convertibles. A lot of people are certainly attracted by the appeal of convertible Ferrari, and that is why California is such a success. The 2010 Ferrari California is no different, introducing a lot of interesting features that any sports car fan would really love.

Although 2010 Ferrari California hosts 4 passenger seats, the rear seats are a little limited. You can easily fit your bags or golf bags but carrying additional passengers will make driving the car a bit less comfortable. This is after all a coupe with only two doors, which means it is more suited for one or two passengers only.

The V8 engine is – as always – impressive. Hit the throttle and you will go from 0 to 100 Km/h in a little under 4 seconds. Be sure to prepare yourself before you do though, because you will experience immense power provided by the engine’s 453 horsepower capability.

The 2010 Ferrari California was first introduced in late 2009, which means you can expect some of the latest technological features to be included. The interior is superbly comfortable although it may not be as spacious as you expected.

Want to have one of these, prepare to get in line because there are thousands of other Ferrari lovers who already sign up to buy this marvelous sports car. You also need to have a little over $190,000 in order to bring this marvelous car home.