Land Rover Announce Indian Production

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Though change can often be a mostly beneficial thing, on occasion some of you might fear it, and this is understandable. For example, when a production line is moved to another country, there are bound to be trepidations and as it turns out, this is a sensation which many of the staff at Land Rover will soon be experiencing as they have this week announced that their production line is to be relocated to India.

Tata Motors chief executive Carl Forster has this week announced that Land Rover will be moving their production to India in time for a start on work early next year. However, Land Rover are not the only company looking to foreign lands for a fresh start as Jaguar are also reported to be looking for a partner in China at the moment.

At the minute, the models which are to be produced over in India have not been announced, though the most commonly expected models to be making the long journey are the LR4 and also the Range Rover Sport. At the moment, there are many details left unannounced on this proposed shift to the sub-continent of India, although the move itself is likely to take place in the near future. Of course, the rumoured forthcoming move on the behalf of Jaguar is also making waves at the moment and indeed, we shall keep you posted on any further developments.

As change is often viewed in a nervous light, only time will tell if this is the right move for a company who are often considered to be one of the best in their field. Still, as we all know only too well, change can also be rather beneficial. Watch this space.