What happens if I get caught without car insurance?

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It can be difficult at the moment to make your salary stretch to cover the months basic expenses with the cot of living rising rapidly and many peoples salaries falling further behind. So when we come across an unexpected expense it can really throw us off course and we diving in to the little savings we manage to put aside. But even expected big expenses can throw us, most of us try to save up for these be it home insurance or even car insurance but some how we never quite get the full amount. This is probably the reason there are so many uninsured drivers on the road today, many of them presuming because they are good drivers they won’t have an accident and get caught out without car insurance.

But what can happen to you if you get caught without car insurance? Well first of all driving without car insurance is illegal, in fact even owning a car that is not insured is enough to be prosecuted for, even if you do not drive it! The maximum fine for being caught driving without insurance is £5,000 but typically fines are a lot lower than this. But many see the most painful penalty being points on your driving license or even having your license revoked. It is also worth noting you can also be fined if someone else is driving your car who is not insured to do so, even if you have car insurance.

Also to contend with is the stigma surrounding those who drive without car insurance, especially as there has been media coverage of this, with particular regard to how this is pushing up the cost of insurance for others. So if you ever consider driving without car insurance think about the affect on others if you aren’t bothered about the affect upon you! To get a quote for car insurance click here.