The five insurance policies you should have

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Insurance companies tend to insist that we need cover for absolutely everything, from car insurance and home insurance to pet insurance and handbag insurance.

When shopping around for cover, you should begin by establishing what type of cover you actually need. This way you won’t be left flustered by the many options available.

The must-haves tends to be car insurance, if you own a vehicle, buildings insurance, contents insurance, travel insurance and pet insurance, if you own a cat or dog for example.

Many people may think to bypass the last option; pets can however be very expensive if anything goes wrong. For example a blood test for a cat costs up to £78 and an x-ray for a dog is almost £222.

These certainly aren’t light sums and why risk them when you could instead pay less than £10 per month on pet insurance.

Travel insurance goes without saying. If you intend to go abroad or even on a shorter trip, travel insurance is a must. It will cover the likes of missed or cancelled flights, airlines going bust, lost baggage and medical bills.

Contents insurance will keep all your precious belongings covered, whilst buildings insurance will in fact cover the house they live in.

Car insurance is probably one of the most important options for those that own a vehicle, however with so many types available it can be difficult to choose the right one.

For example if you are a student, you will need to invest in a completely different type of cover to that of a mature driver.

Student car insurance can in fact stretch a student’s budget to the breaking point. This is why it is important to invest in a policy that offers you the best value for your money.

Statistics have proven that younger drivers tend to be involved in more road incidents; this may be due to a lack of experience of a modified car. This in turn makes student car insurance one of the most expensive policies available.

Shop around in order to find the best deal prior to investing in the first cover you find. Some companies even offer the likes of student discount and a student bonus accelerator package. Such a deal will allow you to build your no claims discount much faster, which will in turn help you to keep the high cost of premiums down!

BMW Z4 Update: would I change it for a Porsche?

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OK, so I have had the Z4 for some weeks now, so how are we getting along together?

Firstly I must agree with Jeremy Clarkson that it is far from being the most comfortable car in the world. Fortunately (in some ways) I am somewhat smaller in stature then Jeremy, which means that I fit into the car quite well, but I can imagine that it would be to say the least a little cramped for the man himself. What makes it uncomfortable for me are the bumps.
The Z4 has astounding levels of grip. When I go round the tightest bend as fast as I dare the car remains almost perfectly flat; there is no perceivable body roll. It really is a thrilling drive. But there is a price to pay for such a stiff set-up. When you go over even the smallest pothole, it feels as if there is no suspension at all. Every tiny imperfection of the road you feel in your rear and your bones. On a smooth surface the car is a perfect joy to drive, but when the road gets rough you need to be tough. This is not helped at all by the fact that my version is the sport, with larger alloys and a lowered suspension.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the car. It is the best car I have ever owned. Once you get used to its massive bonnet and the feeling that you are driving a car from the rear seats, you begin to realise that you are driving the car from your hips. The turning circle is amazing and the steering is as precise as it gets. It does everything that you would expect it to do, and to my eyes it looks stunning.

Now that I have driven it for some time, would I change my mind and buy the Porsche? In all honesty I can’t answer that one yet, but probably not.