BMW Z4 was the Winner

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After much soul searching (see my previous posts) the final winner was the BMW Z4. Perhaps it is supposed to be something of a hairdresser’s car (and there is irony in that too – there had been one previous lady owner and all though I do not know for certain it is quite likely she is a hairdresser) but it is still sufficiently macho enough for me.

Eventually I opted for the entry engine model which is the 2000i but there are a few interesting additions. The alloys are 18inch M alloys and the steering wheel and leather seats are also M. Driving it is quite an experience until you get used to it.

The 2000i is not particularly speedy; though good enough for most purposes, but you do need to put some thought into steering the beast. The big bonnet stretches out in front of you and responds to the slightest twitch of the steering wheel. You are sitting so far back that it can feel like driving from the rear seats of a saloon car; effectively you are driving from the hip, which is great. The turning circle is wonderful and the car characteristically corners (if you will excuse the cliché) as if it is on tracks.

Something else to get used to are the run-flat tyres which do little to cushion the bumps and holes on our great British roads so altogether the ride is quite harsh.

Do I regret my decision? Not a bit of it. This is a car to have fun in and I intend to make the most of it.

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