2010 Aston Martin DBS Coupe

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We were doing a test drive using a friend’s new Mercedes-Benz when the owner asked me about my favorite sports car. I confidently answered Aston Martin DBS Coupe as my personal favorite sports car. Although the 2010 Aston Martin DBS coupe is not that different compared to the original 2008 and the 2009 versions, the interior is a lot more comfortable making this car even more enjoyable to drive.

Unless you have the right access to buy the limited edition Aston Martin One-77, the 2010 Aston Martin DBS coupe would be the best Aston Martin to get. It has all the positive features a DB9 could possibly offer plus some great additions to the mix. The 2010 Aston Martin DBS coupe is substantially lighter compared to DB9, packs more engine power, and handles superbly well with improved stability and control.

Let’s not forget that Aston Martin DBS is also super cool. You will instantly be the center of attention whenever you drive by in this marvelous sports car. The sound of Aston Martin DBS’s V12 engine is literally unrivaled, even compared to exotic sports cars such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. The fact that many – especially those who don’t know much about sports cars – will think that you are driving James Bond’s car makes it even more magical.

The 2010 Aston Martin DBS coupe is being sold for a little over $250,000, but the car is worth every penny. Start the engine and go on a cruise across the country in one of these and you will feel the ultimate joy of driving instantly.