What do you use your garage for?

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If you have a garage, do you actually use it for its intended purpose? In the UK approximately 10 million car owning families have the use of a garage, but only a small fraction ever put their car inside it; just 2 million of us can be bothered to park our cars inside.

It didn’t always used to be like that. A few decades ago many people religiously put their car away every night and even just ten years ago 33% more people used their garage for their car. Around half of garage owners park their cars in their drive, and 25% of cars are simply parked outside on the street.

There are several reasons for this. Many of us use our garage as a store room and many of us have cars which are either too long or too wide to be accommodated in the garage, particularly if the garage was built some years ago.

Another reason is that cars are much more reliable starters nowadays. It used to be the case that if a car left outside overnight got really cold then the chances were that it would be difficult to start the following morning. Cars don’t go rusty so easy either. However a spokesman for the RAC pointed out that home starts are still one of the major reasons for callouts.

Of course many families have second cars and only single garages so they have little choice to leave a car outside. Even people with double garages are joining the trend of converting one of them into an extension of their home as additional living space or an extra bedroom.

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